We are intensely focused on our clients

MKIVA Client Experience

At MKIVA, it’s all about our clients. We keep our focus on understanding what’s important to you, your business and your success. This guides how we create a unique experience that meets your needs, expectations and preferences. And it’s how we measure the very real and tangible value you receive when working with MKIVA.

Our Focus on Understanding

We make a commitment to understand you, your business, challenges and aspirations better than anyone else. It is the very essence of who we are as an organization and guides how we approach client service every day.

Our Clients Shape The MKIVA Client Experience

It’s how we bring the power of being understood to life every day to deliver tangible results and real value to you. We commit to this promise because it’s what clients have told us is important to them. It’s also what our employees have told us is essential to serve clients well.


We know that close and effective relationships matter to you, and we offer a partner-led service that draws on our significant knowledge and experience.


We have a strong tax specialists that can enhance your business by anticipating the strategic opportunities and risks that may impact on your tax and financial situation.

Risk Advisory

The experience we have gained from our audit client base and our insights into a rapidly changing business environment help us to help you to improve your performance and competitiveness.


Our Corporate Finance professionals provide a wide range of specialist services ranging from initial public offerings to due diligence and professional advice relating to mergers and acquisitions.


Let us rescue your business.Restructuring of companies in financial distress is on the increase globally. In line with the global trend, the Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008 introduced business rescue to the South African business landscape.


We help you address core financial and reporting issues.The experiences we have gained from our clients into a rapidly changing business environment help us help you improve your performance and financial position.


MKIVA Incorporated Secretarial Division provides company secretarial services. MKIVA Incorporated Secretarial Division has built their business and reputation on simple, yet essential principles, exceptional service and outstanding skills.


The quantity and size of transactions, as well as where companies have assets located over vast – often remote – areas, increases the risk of fraud. Fraud perpetrated by employees and third parties is often difficult to detect where...